We started growing mushrooms in Caloocan City in 1976, acquiring the technology from Taiwan. We first marketed our mushrooms to major hotels and restaurants throughout Metro Manila. Needing to expand, we moved our mushroom farm to Tagaytay City in 1978, where we also sold our mushrooms direct to the public. We produced four (4) different types of mushrooms, mainly the Abalone Mushroom, the Oyster Mushroom, the Wooden Ear and the Shiitake Mushroom. In the early eighties, one of our customers commented that mushrooms were more expensive than beef where he came from, and he asked, why not make burgers out of the mushrooms? That same day the first Mushroomburger was created, since that customer was no ordinary customer but was a Swiss Executive Chef of one the major Hotels in Manila. He wrote down a recipe that very day and after tasting it, declared it to be the best burger he had ever tasted. We sold the first Mushroomburger on November 1, 1980, and since then we have added several varieties, like the Mushroomburger Royal and King. We have also introduced the Mushroom Sandwich, which is 100% pure mushroom. In the nineties, we also introduced rice meals like the Mushroom Beef, Mushroom Delight and Pancit Canton Delight. Currently, we have two branches, one in Tagaytay and in 2004 we opened a second branch located at West Avenue, Quezon City, in front of the Philam Homes subdivision.

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