Sheridan Organic Farm & Eco Village

An Eco Tourism Destination in Palawan

Sheridan Organic Farm & Eco Village is a quiet sanctuary when the busy and demanding lifestyle of the metropolis tires your spirit and your body. Fly away from the noise and clatter of the city and allow your senses to be embraced by the glorious sight, sound, taste, smell and feel of simple bucolic life.  It is when animals are the only companions and the world moves in a slower and more inspiring pace that the adventure of self-discovery truly happens.

The Farm allows its guests to retreat away from the familiarity of city life and monotony of stress of the work environment succumbing to the simplicity of the countryside.  Relaxation and comfort being the primary amenity of the farm, villas and dorm type accommodations are made available for guests in lieu of inconvenient tent slumbers. Rooms are equipped with hotel standard beds and linens and designer toilet and bath. At the farm, secure and private lodgings are made available to all the farm guests. Each accommodation is an emotional piece of architecture with utmost respect to both nature and the farm’s guest dwellers.

Sheridan Organic Farm & Eco Village serves its guests with the freshest produce, farm-to-table homegrown dishes.  As one ventures into a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation and cleansing, the entire farm is busy preparing the purest and healthiest meals allowing a holistic cleansing experience. Every meal is meticulously planned from the sowing to the harvesting of ingredients.

A unique farmstead experience awaits Sheridan Organic Farm guests: ostrich feeding, organic farming animal feeding, rice and tree planting and even target archery are some of the facilities and activities the farm offers.

Corporate farm tour with accommodation, school tours for specialized academic tracks in farming and scouting, family camping and private group or individual farm immersions are all welcome. We can customize Sheridan Organic Farm itinerary for guests who wish to make their experience their very own signature country immersion. At Sheridan Organic Farm, all are invited.

Sheridan Organic Farm & Eco Village is located 75 kilometers away from the busy city of Puerto Princesa; on Sitio Sogod II Cabayugan.  Private vans transport guests coming to and from the farm for easy access. A span of 50 hectares of land comprises the entire organic farm. Sustainable agriculture, organic farming and rise in biodiversity are its high-end objectives. Solar and wind turbines are also used at the farm. No wonder it is a haven for agricultural institutions who wish to experience hands-on ecological farming.

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